Joshua Freddie Vaughan is a sculptor, musician, writer and curator, based in South London.

Since graduating from university he has regularly participated in exhibitions with Flux Exhibition, The London Group,  Chelsea UAL, CGLAS and others.

He has been the wood-working Fellow of CGLAS as well as running a project called Exchange, a nomad curatorial venture that used to be based in The Finborough Arms.  

As an artist some of his recurrent fascinations are:

- translations of drawings into sculptures.

- the emergence of order from chaos.

- dream imagery

- psychoanalytic documents

- mystical symbolism

As a curator he is particularly interested in the biography of the artists he works with, and with the production of multiple discourses surrounding the exhibitions he helps facilitate.

To this end, during his time co-managing exchange, he and his colleague James Sirrell produced zines, podcasts and video to create archives of information that add to the interpretative possibilities of each work created during the residency project. This methodology continues in Exchange's currently homeless form.